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Truck and Trailer Strip Doors - 34 in. X 72 in. Extra Low Temp Ribbed (Down to -40F) 8 in. strips width 100% overlap - Stainless Steel Hardware (Extra Low Temp Ribbed (Down to -40F)) -SKU: STRDR13445STAIN

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Current Price: $113.89

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Add orange safety strips to sides

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Face Mount
Face Mount
Industrial Heavy Duty
Galvanized Steel Hardware

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Price: $ 113.89
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Total Cost: $ 137.89

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When choosing face mount - strips are manufactured 3" longer. Width of door should be ordered wider than opening (I.e. If opening is 46" order 48" wide door kit or next size up). Mounting hardware is wider than the width of the opening.

Note: PVC strip can be trimmed if too long

For sliding, stand-off hardware, enclosure hardware, truck curtains, and accordion hardware,
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