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High Speed Doors

Commercial - Industrial - Clean Room
High Speed Door 1 High Speed Door 2 High Speed Door 3 High Speed Door 4 High Speed Door 5 High Speed Door 6 High Speed Door 7 High Speed Door 8 High Speed Door 9 High Speed Door 10 High Speed Door 11 High Speed Door 12 High Speed Door 13 High Speed Door 14 High Speed Door 15 High Speed Door 16
High Speed Door 1High Speed Door 2High Speed Door 3High Speed Door 4High Speed Door 5High Speed Door 6High Speed Door 7High Speed Door 8High Speed Door 9High Speed Door 10High Speed Door 11High Speed Door 12High Speed Door 13High Speed Door 14High Speed Door 15High Speed Door 16

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Product details offers Quick-Seal Hi-Speed Doors for quick access through openings. They are designed for high volume, high speed traffic in commercial, industrial or refrigerated applications.

All doors incorporate a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled AC variable speed drive system, allowing the door to move at faster speeds than conventional doors. All roll-up doors are equipped with standard safety features for protection against injury.

Freezer High Speed Door

High Speed Door Demo Video

(Clip #2)
Dairy Plant - Stainless Steel - BC Location

High Speed Door Demo Video

(Clip #3)
Food Facility Yogurt Curing Temperature Control Application - US

  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cold Storage
  • Transport  and Distribution
  • Food Processing
  • General Warehousing
  • Clean Rooms
Member of International Door Association


Opening 0.8~ 1.5m/sec (adjustable); closing 0.5~ 0.8m/sec


Turbine decelerator + brake, three-phase 220V


three-phase 220V AC, 15A   

PVC Material  

PVC Resin 1000 den textile, 0.8mm thickness; low flammability,
dust-proof, and UV-proof  

Door Frame

galvanized steel, thickness: 2.0mm


Germany safety, GS, certified electronic device, cushions installed on
the bottom edge of the door with sensor to react contacts to


Thin steel plates have been installed inside of the PVC door sheet
behind the wheels. This structure enhance the stability of the wheels
and prevents wheel degression caused by strong airflows.

Control Panel

With emergency rising and lowering bottoms


Limit Switch


1. Photoelectric sensors installed on the side tracks, with emergency
stopping reaction when sensing obstacles.
2.  Cushions installed on the bottom edge of the door with sensor to
react contacts to obstacles.
3. Control: Switches with emergency stopping reacting function.
4. Manual pulling chain when power failure is encountered."   

Sensor System

Six options: radar sensor, infrared sensor, supersonic sensor,
photoelectric sensor, manual operating system, remote control.
Connectable to PLC, AGV, Interlock.

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