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Standard Fixed Pad Dock Seals
Various Sizes offers Dock Seal fabricated from 32 or 42 oz (heavy duty) vinyl pvc which with nylon reinforcement for strength and durability. When driveways slope beveled side pads are recommended for a proper seal. Drape curtains are common features for doors that are over 8’ H – sealing the open space between the top of the truck and the top of the dock door opening. Permanent yellow guide stripes provide for markers when backing a truck into place. The insulating polyurethane foam conforms to the shape of the truck to form a tight weather seal. Our standard polyurethane foam pads are 11"W x 10"D.


  1. Eliminate cold air from entering your facility (save on hydro)
  2. Eliminate Rain – prevent slippery and unsafe conditions
  3. Provide employees with comfort
  4. Prevent birds and bugs from entering (increasing sanitary conditions)

Optional Wear Pleats:






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