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Panamerica Trade Inc. (A Delaware and B.C. Incorporation) offers a wide range of flexible PVC strip curtain and strip door solutions for various industries and sectors such as food service, manufacturing, agricultural , pharmaceutical, high tech (clean rooms and data centers), general trade and distribution among many more.  We offer high quality products including strip doors, mesh curtains, warehouse partitions and dividers, body shop curtains, high speed doors and more.’s  primary manufacturing line is PVC strip door kits which are common in the food service and industrial sectors. Strip doors are often seen on cooler and freezer doors, loading doors, refrigerated trucks and in many other areas. See industrial, commercial and clean room picture gallery and applications. Strip Door kits come complete with mounting brackets and pre cut and punched strips. offers over 2500 strip door kit sizes for online purchasing. Strip Door Kits are typically shipped by UPS ground service but can also be expedited for overnight express delivery to most destinations around the world.

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Barriers To Wasting Money - Strip Curtains - Part of Energy Efficient Overhaul

Petrucelli International, Flushing, New York

Leaving doors open on a winter day is as wasteful as leaving a stack of dollar bills on the sidewalk. Sound extreme? Imagine the amount of money it takes to heat a warehouse. If a door is left open, all the heated air is lost. The building must be reheated to the desired temperature. Then, if the door is opened again, the cycle repeats itself. Petruccelli has six 14-ft. by 20-ft. doors, open all the time. To reduce this waste and save money, he installed plastic strip curtains. This simple barrier to heat loss has saved him $1,618 in energy bills. To further increase savings, Petruccelli International's 9.5-kW battery charger will be used at night when the lights and other equipment are off. This simple rescheduling of operation will save Petruccelli $2,394 in demand costs.

Strip Doors / Curtains and Display Case Curtains Reduce Air supermarkets

Strip Doors and Display Case Curtains For refrigerated equipment and cold-storage areas:

Maintain appropriate temperature settings. Energy is wasted if temperature settings in refrigerated systems drift too low. The most commonly used settings for freezers are between -14° Fahrenheit (F) and -8°F. For refrigerators, they are between 35°F and 38°F.

Clean evaporator coils. The buildup of dirt and ice on evaporator coils slows down the rate of heat transfer and causes the refrigeration system to use more energy to maintain the same temperature.

Reduce air leakage in refrigerated cases. Replace worn seals and gaskets on refrigerator and freezer doors, install automatic door closers, and use NIGHT COVERS on both vertical and horizontal display cases. Add STRIP CURTAINS to walk-in doors."

Energy Star Guide for Restaurants

Upgrade your walk-in. Strip doors / curtains and automatic door closers are inexpensive, easy-to-install upgrades suitable for just about any walk-in. By some estimates, strip doors alone can cut outside-air infiltration by 75 percent. Utility rebatesthat cover a big chunk of the upfront costs to purchase a strip curtain are often available. With a rebate, the payback on a strip curtain is usually well under one year.

B.C. Hydro offering Strip Curtain Rebates at 2.5 per sf : .... Applications are easy....

Open entrance to walk-in cases (Low temperature)


Add strip curtain to entrance

$2.5 / Sq. ft.

All makes and models are eligible

Open entrance to walk-in cases (Medium temperature)


Add strip curtain to entrance

$2.5 / Sq. ft.

All makes and models are eligible



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