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PVC Swing Doors

Swinging Doors are light industrial impact doors for doorway openings up to 10' wide.

This revolutionary door has a spring return and swings on an even plane.
Panels are available in either standard grade, USDA Polar, or scrim reinforced PVC, in thicknesses up to 9/32''.

Impact plates are optional. Swinging Door hardware is designed so the brackets can be mounted either on the inside or outside of the doorway opening. Optional Impact Plates come in five different sizes and are mounted on both surfaces of the PVC panels.

Mounting and Hardware

Double Compression Springs - All springs are made of chrome vanadium and you have a choice of light, medium, or heavy compression. Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel swinging arms and mounting brackets, this hardware is located at the top of the unit only, away from normal traffic patterns.


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