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PVC Sliding Windows
Various Custom Sizes Available

Sliding Pvc Window panels may be used when strips are not required or when a complete and total seal is necessary (minimal air leakage). Sliding pvc windows are commonly installed on two tracks which allows each window panel to slide in behind the other (bi-passing system). Die cuts or smaller windows are options in pvc window panels where reaching thru may be necessary.

Frames are fabricated from aluminum tubing (1” X 2”) and 1,1/4 flat bar. In heavy duty applications , the trolleys exhibit steel wheels (ball bearing type). Applications for pvc sliding window panels may include:

  • Circuitry covers
  • Machine covers/enclosures
  • Noise Reduction applications
  • Tight seals to minimize gas leakage
  • Control Box window covers
  • Spark and Fume separation
  • Chip guards
  • Splash guards/barriers

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