Strip Doors

We offer the best variety of products and a tool for customizing your own strip doors.

  • Design Your own strip door

    Custom design your own strip door

    Customize any size strip door or strip curtain. Choose from a variety of strip curtain materials. Various hardware options available.

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  • Common kits with standard hardware

    Common kits with standard hardware

    Common kits with standard face and header mount hardware. Kits are suitable for receiving/loading doors, refrigeration, and other warehousing applications.

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  • Loop Mount Kits

    Loop Mount Kits

    Looped Strip Curtains can be mounted over a rod or bar and provide for quick installation. Kits come with aluminum low profile bar.

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  • Stand Off Mount Kits

    Stand Off Mount Kits

    Stand-off Mount Hardware allows for installation of a strip door for a doorway where there is an existing conventional roll-up door.

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  • Amber Weld Kits and other colors

    Amber and yellow strip kits

    Amber Weld kits and yellow semi transparent kits are common in applications where visibility needs to be reduced. They are also effective and reducing harmful UV rays.

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  • Quick snap bullet strip doors

    Bullet mount strip doors require less tools to install thus making installation much quicker. Strips are pre-punched with holes and simply press on over the bullets.

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  • Sliding strip kits

    Sliding strip door kits

    Sliding Strip Doors are a practical solution to applications in which the strip curtains need to be moved. Doors can be bi-parting or single sliding (one way).

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  • Sliding Accordion Strip Kits

    Sliding Accordion Strip Kits

    Accordion Mount Door Kits allow strips to turn and retract off to the sides of an opening.

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  • Truck Mount Kits

    Truck Mount Kits

    Truck and Trailer Strip Curtains are typically manufactured from 8” strips with a 50% overlap. Kits are usually mounted into the ceiling of the truck body.

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  • Anti Static ( Clean Room )

    Anti Static Strip Curtains

    Anti static strip curtains are common in clean rooms and Data Centers. Strips dissipate static build up and prevent static discharge.

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